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Machines and pigments are used in makeup, which depended solely on cosmetics, to maintain makeup semi-permanently by coloring the skin such as eyebrows, eyeliners, and hairlines.

Everglow’s special perm creates perfect curls regardless of length of your eyebrow without damaging your straight hair or tangled curls.

Semi-permanent makeup


Microblading is a method that draws lines and textures with partial touch without electric movement and that draws like an eyebrow. It is a procedure that suits non-makeup by drawing the texture with the desired design as if it was own eyebrows. It can be variously produced through makeup, and also minimizes skin irritation which results quicker recovery.


Shading is a treatment that is designing the eyebrows and filling the surface with the overall point touch, like a brow makeup

Combination (Microblading + Shading)

It is a technique that utilizes the advantages of natural eyebrows and the shading method, and it combines two techniques to make it look natural and fill the surface with point touch. Standards of beauty change with each age, creating and changing ideal forms. The contour of the face cannot be easily changed, but the shape of the eyebrows and the shape of the eye can be modified to compensate for the image of the finite curve or sharp angle on the contour of the face.


Eyeliner sharpens the eyes, creating a vivid look. In addions, the size and the shape of the eyes can be corrected and supplemented.


It is a cosmetic method that draws every line according to the direction of the hair. It is
mainly performed on M line and face line.

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